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Greetings in_the_mirror,


You can try ginger tea. Just slice an inch or two of a fresh ginger and use approx 1 liter of water. Boil it 10-15 min until water become light golden color. Then you can drink it.


Plus you can add fresh/dry rasberry leaves to you food. Very good stuff as well.


All the best,



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I second the ginger tea suggestion. Delicious stuff, good for the throat. If you don't have any fancy tea, really ANY tea is wonderful. Plain ole Lipton in the bag will do nicely.


Do you have a humidifier? If not, go in the bathroom and fire up the shower on hot. Let it get all nice and steamy and just breathe it in. It feels great and can really clean out your lungs.


Vicks vapo-rub put into a basin of hot water also works. Put a towel over your head and breathe in the fumes. Add some lemon to the water also.


Hope you feel better

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Chicken Noodle Soup, if you want to can just have the broth, and leave the noodles out...if you increase (body) temp. don't shed layers of cloths, if you do your body can go into shock, instead leave the cloths you have on, and stay warm, or at room Temp., and drink a lot of fluids, orange juice, 7up, and water drinks, such as Gatorade, those will help you fight the cold, get you back to yourself.


don't forget pills, advil if you have the sinus headache, i hear a pencil between your teeth to relax the jaw, and massaging of the temples, (both sides) relieves the headache pressure, making it easier to get some solid sleep

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Drop everything that you need to do right now, and get some sleep! Resting is really important, especially if you notice the first signs of a cold. The faster you get yourself to rest, the quicker you'll recover.


Also, like Avman says about inhaling steam, I just wanted to add to that. Use a facial steamer. Inhale the steam from the facial steamer. The steam is hot enough to kill the bacteria in your nose.


First, inhale through your mouth (a lot of bacteria thrives in your throat and nose, especially your nose b/c it's one of the coldest parts of your body), and then inhale through your nose. Do this periodically for 3-4 minutes each time.


Also, drink warm water, warm tea. Anything warm will help kill the bacteria in your throat, and kill those pesky germs! (Oh, and gargle with salt, don't use too much salt b/c you don't want to irritate your throat).


When brushing your teeth, clean your tongue, either with a tongue scraper, or with your toothbrush. After recovering from your cold, you might want to throw that toothbrush away.


Wear turtlenecks, anything that covers your neck. You don't want to expose the neck region to much, you want to stay as warm as possible.


Don't eat anything too greesy. Viruses tend to thrive on oily/sweet stuff. Instead of fighting the virus. sweets/oily products allow it to grow even more. Plus, don't drink things that are too acidic. Acid will make it worse. You want to drink/eat things that are mild (kind of bland), for the time being so that you don't shock your digestive system.


Try to spit out phlem as much as possible. Mucus is a really good sign that your white blood cells are fighting the infection.


Oh, and that Vix vaporrub suggestion, to add to that, rub Vix on your neck/chest region, and on your back. If you keep your back warm, then you're entire body will heat up.


After doing all of this, jump right back into bed. Cover yourself with nice warm blankets. Wear some socks. The more your body heats up, and gets more rest, the faster you'll recover.


I hate getting sick, and know how you feel. Good luck on recovering.

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