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Saw ex for first time in months urge to contact him..help!

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My ex and i broke up about 4 months ago i had a really tough time because he really mucked me about saying he loved me and then dumped me over SMS saying it was to serious before i went to uni.


However the last time i saw him he was really flirty with me and sent a SMS saying i was gorgeous and finished it with a x. I moved away to uni and still thought about him and refused to contact him out of principle. But when i returned home this weekend i saw him in town and i really thought i was over him but as soon as i saw him (he didn't see me by the way) i felt sick and really emotional. Which is weird because i've seen other people since him and didn't think i'd feel like that if i saw him.


Now i have this urge to contact him and i don't really know what to do and could just use a little advice on the situation

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well, you need to ask yourself if you want those feelings there, or if you just want to get over him. if you want to get over him, then don't contact him. that will just make those feelings stronger again, like when you saw him. its hard to get over someone you have strong feelings for, but you need to. i suggest keeping your mind busy with like school, work, & other activities with friends or something. keep your mind on other things besides him. one day you will realize that you don't even think about him any more. however, if you think that he will take you back, or you just think its worth it, then you can contact him, but don't contact him expecting him to want you back.

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