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Who Shines?


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Closed and shrouded

standing on its stem, to be

taken for dead in place


As a moon past its prime

gleams open the door of dawn

and exits stage West


Little crimson fist

unhinges its velvet vice.

Fingers creak

and relinquish.

Wave goodbye to the old



Here is the New.


The Sun

with a washclothful of rarer

Jewels than any sapphire heart


And an ablution

in the Sanctum Sanctorum

of every Impurity


What can untarnish

This goblet?

Reverse the verdigris?

Coax the sod to open and soften

the fist to drop all its nails

and gather another palm

to its own?


The Magician,

The Medicine Man,

Lover to verdant jade Momma.

The Transformer,

The Unmoved Mover,

Heaven’s hydrogen teardrop

Whose salt feeds whales

and makes sanguine every capillary.

Ionic Chord singing

in the arteries of

every breathing being,

The Breather of forests

and Watcher over lightless grottos.


The Only Promise left,

The Suturer of cataclysmic lesions

Opener of Eyes --


the Sun






Who shines on the Sun?

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