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lost one soulmate, can i find another?


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hey,if u have read some of my previous posts,u wil have known about a few of my problems.


i have found a soulmate bt we broke up as it was LDR and we couldnt deal with the distance.it broke my heart completely.ive tried to move on and still doing so.


ive got alot of female friends whom ive made recently.they are all cool and unique and very enjoyable to hang out with.ive been interested in one of them whom is very pretty and my type(being cute and relatively quiet and shy).however,her best friend doesnt think tht im her type as this girl is very picky.this is a big setback.


im finding it very hard to move on from the loss of my soulmate esp since she meant so much to me.we did talk bou marriage and our life together.


i just have no idea how to find a soulmate tht i carve.ive tasted wats its like to have a soulmate and i believe tht theres no feeling like it.i jus so want it again.


i realise tht this is early days and tht i need time.bt could anyone suggest any steps i can take to ensure tht i can find a soulmate?

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I don't think you can go out and look for a soulmate. They just happen into your life. They cross paths with you, and it's not until that happens that you're even aware that they are out there.


Maybe your soulmate will find you.


I suspect it can be easy to confuse strong love for someone with being a soulmate. I think we end up having very few soulmates, possibly one, and some people never have one. They're not as common as boyfriends, girlfriends, even husbands and wives. They're different. They don't love in the same way.

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i honestly don't think she was your soulmate. i know its hard to think differently, but doesn't every thing turn out the way its meant to be?? if she is your soulmate & you are meant to be with her for the rest of your life, then one day you will be together again. some day you will meet your true soulmate & they will be so perfect for you, even more perfect than this other girl. there's no point in going out & looking for them because they will eventually come a long when the time is right. i suggest just going out & having fun right now.

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