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I'm a 16 year old male...

I'm a virgin, the farthest I've gone with a girl is fingering her.


I don't know if I have anything to be really worried about but the other day I noticed this bump on my penis, closer to the base but still almost midway up the shaft. I'm uncircimsized. Thinking it was a pimple or something I was squeezing it just to see what would happen... (there is just this ONE and nothing else around it, everything else is fine)


It didn't burst but turned almost purple so I left it for the night... The next day it did burst with clear and I'm guess puss-like liquid. (sorry kinda gross) I cleaned it all out and it wasn't really bleeding or anything. Now there is this hole there, looks pretty big for some kind of pimple. Like it's an actual hole, and around it is slightly darker/purply skin.


I put some "Lidosporin" on it to prevent any infection and put a band-aid on it. I'm going to ask my mother If she can make a doctor appointment for me so I can get it checked out. I haven't told anyone, me and my girlfriend aren't currently sexually active so I don't plan on telling her anything...


Is this something I should be worried about? WebMD says that like IF it's Herpes that it's pretty common and doesn't seem to make a big deal about it... But could it just be nothing? Liek i'm hoping for...


Any information is welcomed! Thanks for any advice/help provided.

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It could be a pimple, or an in-grown hair. We guys do get them down there from time to time! Either way, when you 'popped' it, you may have got a slight infection. Or there might have been a slight infection to begin with from a minor scrape you didn't really notice. Possibly from her fingernail?


It is rather unlikely you have an STD.


Is this spot similar to how you might be if you got an infected spot somewhere else?

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I can't say I EVER remember having an infection lol! or an in-grown hair so I don't exactly know what to really expect. Or what it would be like. I just worry because it is so deep, if it was an ingrown hair I'd expect to find a hair... lol? It was just fluid/puss that went in deep, as far as I know.


I sure hope I don't have an STD


I'm guessing it may be infected a little bit, but i'll keep an eye on it.


Thank You,


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It is not herpes for sure. Make sure you see a doctor. Syphillis for example would cause a little crater like that and then vanish but you still have the infection proceeding in your body, it will cause worse stuff weeks and months later. Can be cured in a very short time with specific antibiotics.

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What, never??


Never had a spinter that got a bit sore and a little red? Or a pimple that got a little redder and sorer than the rest? Those are infections. It can be very minor.


Honestly, I don't know much about herpes (thank goodness actually), but I do know it spreads by contact. Two things would thereforeeee have had to have happened.


1. She already has herpes

2. Either you or her touched one of the sore spots, then touched you.


It is possible she hasn't noticed she has it.


Also, only a single spot? It does sound more like a pimple than anything else, that's got slightly infected after the skin was broken. That could even be something minor from your own fingers when you popped it.


But like you plan to, keep an eye on it. I am by no means qualified in any way on this, so for sure see a doctor if you're worried.

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It's great of you to be concerned, too many people let things go, and they can get out of hand... that's one of the main reasons STD's spread so easily.


BUT, I must agree... it sounds very much like an ingrown hair to me. I wouldn't get too worried about it, but I would definitely just go to the doctor to make sure!


It's really respectable that you're making the appointment, a lot of people get too emberassed about these things. So in summary... don't freak out until the doctor says to freak out!


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Herpes simplex is cauliflower-like in appearance. I took microbio, and we studied about all of these diseases. Often, people mistake focillytus (ingrown hair) for herpes.


If you can imagine athlete's worts, or worts on your fingers (like the ones that you get from using gym equipments), but with pinkish/red cauliflower bumps in appearance, then the possibility of it being a wort is higher.


Plus, it tends to grow at the tip of the penis and around the entire penis, rather than the base. Sometimes, it does get extreme and grows onto the shaft, especially if the skin is rubbing.


Oh, and another thing, with focillytus, the pimples will spread especially if it's at the shaft, it will tend to spread between your legs, or anywhere the the pimples rub against your skin in general (b/c your pores are consistently irritated by the pimple's membrane).


Sometimes, when you're skin is irritated, you will get pimples down there, and it has nothing to do with having herpes (or including ingrown hair), it's your diet. In other cases, if your partner has pimples down there, then your skin rubbing on hers, having contact, will cause you to contract pimples as well.


If I were you, get a blood test just to know for sure. You also want a urine test, for even more accurate results on other things like chlymidia, syphlus, and gonerhea.


There is also remedy for the pimples on your skin, specifically, a clear ointment. You doctor will (should) prescribe it when you see him/her for the exam.

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I don't remember the statistics exactly, but I want to clear that last post up a little bit, as it shouldn't be directed to only women.


These are estimations, so don't go nit-picking the numbers!


"It has been estimated that about 20% of the population have genital herpes and 90% have oral herpes (cold sores)


About 80 percent of American adults have oral herpes (cold sores).


An estimated 25 percent of adults in the United States have genital herpes. Most don't know it because their symptoms are too mild to notice.


Herpes viruses are extremely common and around 100 have been identified in a variety of animal species. All of the herpes viruses are members of one family, the Herpes viridian, and have certain characteristics in common, such as their ability to establish latency during primary infection. This means that following initial infection the virus remains dormant, to be reactivated by certain triggers such as an individual's immune status, stress or sunlight."



link removed[/i] ]--

I'll warn you, though, if you poke around that site for a while, you may run accross some disturbing pictures, so click at your own risk!


Hope that info is useful to someone



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If anyone is interested, this is really quit interesting...


link removed


Maybe there is actually a cure, or something close enough to one.


Doctor appointment made for the 20th (fingers crossed)


It's been, 3 days, the 1 sore I have doesn't hurt at all really. It doesn't bother me the least bit, I just worry because it doesn't seem to be scabbing. It has a tiny bit but not really, it's not drying out either.


For those who have had ingrown hairs, like... What happens?

I just had this blister, which poped and created a huge hole lol... does that sound normal?


sorry, I'm still kind of freaked about it.

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