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A little update


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Hey everyone,


I just though I might as well give a quick update on my recent decisions and such regarding my recent problem. (You can read the thread at link removed ).


All that basically was, was my story of how I can't ever find someone to start a relationship and a long description of how I am basically just a punk skater kinda guy (without the drugs of course) and just can't find anyone suitable or that the feeling is mutual with.


After that I have really just decided unless I hear some good or moderately good news about this girl I like currently, I'm just going to hang out with friends, enjoy the single life, and maybe see what other girls have to offer instead of just focusing on a certain one and most likely wasting my time. So, wish me luck Maybe I should try getting out to more movies and parties or something instead of limiting myself to girls from school, because I'll face it, private schools aren't a place to meet people Sorry if this seems kind of pointless to post about but I thought I'd share my outlook on things and keep interested people updated.



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Good idea bro,

Investing all your time on one particular girl can be detrimental to your health(I know from experience) and might be a total waste of time. Get to know some more girls in general.


Go out to more parties, movies, concerts etc etc..... and approach, approach, approach the females! Don't stand in the corner at parties, be the life of the party and talk to all sorts of people!


Best of luck to you buddy! 0X

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