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more to do?


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im just curious, because my b/f and i have kissed and stuff, but i was wonderin what are some other things to do? like stayin with kissin, u know? like what are some fun ways to kiss, w/ out freakin him out? some fun things to do? or a more romantic way to make out..please help! thanks

celci 8)

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is there one way in particular that he loves to be kissed because just stick to that if i were you?

or even this...is there a part of his body that he enjoys being kissed on..thats a major turn on for people.


and for new ideas, i would just say be spontaneous and most of the men i have dated have always enjoyed me making the move. so go for it just enjoy yourself and make it non predictable.



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I like to try and suck the breath (and maybe some soul and life-force while I'm at it) whilst kissing. Not too often though, then she'd be afraid to kiss me.


But if you don't want to suck.. Try to blow. I would surely appreciate it if someone tried to give me some of their soul and life-force! Good luck!

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