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Why Is It...


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.... that guys always think they are the ones to iniciate things. Ok, you have all heard my story about how I started dating my best mate and that it was me who admitted the attraction, but hes started claiming he asked me out, I just don't get it.

Next why is it? that you can never tell people who blatently use you that you hate them and the truth that you wish they'd stop it.

number 3 that people never let you know where you stand and whether they slag you off to as well as the one person you all hate the user.

4. You can never tell watch your feelings are, I think I love my boyfriend because I get all the signs but then some times I don't.

5. That I barely feel emotions

6. you never know where people you love who have died go?

7.you can't stop hating the user, even though you try so hard to forgive them.

sorry got carried away please try and answer some of these questions


sphinx xx

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hey sphinx999


ill try and answer all your questions for you but it will be just in my opinion. ready:

1: someotimes people like to change the course of something or how an event came about because themselves want to make it more exciting on their part. for me i would say it was a pretty big thing for a girl to ask out and admit all her emotions to a boy instead of reverse rolls.

for example, one time i asked one of my ex boyfriends out he didnt see it as normal didnt say anything and then asked me out a week later. but why? its just changing the course of things, and in your case its nothing worth denying...get him told!


2: why cant you tell people who use you that you hate them? good question...well from what i see for someone to be able to use you they have obviously been a big assit within your life and thereforeeee are of high or some importance to you as you are affected by it emotionally. it seems to me that there is either an attatchment that you have with this person or could possibly be that you wouldnt know how to go about it. as even though they hurt you, you have enough respect for them to not hurt them.


3: im an honest person so i cant really give an opinion on why people dont tell you. upon my own conclusion i feel that anyone who doesnt have the strength to tell it to your face obviously didnt mean it with an entirity or they would be able to come out with their own opinions.


4: emotions such as love or such a high emotion you can wish for yourself to feel it but you will only know when your truly in it, if you question your love then maby its just lust or a huge amount of liking in some one. how do you truly feel about your boyfriend because if it is just relevant tyo him then maby the emotions arent too strong yet.


5: sometimes people feel or express their emotions in different ways. for example one person might cry whilst another might scream. for you, you might not see that you show your emotions but you could do in such things as activities express how you feel.

for example singing and art and candle making lol....they all show feelings just not as obvious as others.


6: everyone has their own perspective on this, if your religious or not everyone has to make their own minds. ive lost of lot of people in the short amount of time ive lived on this earth but to me they are somewhere important shining a bright light on me when everything goes too dull. they give you guidance without showing you and always remain in your heart.

you will come to a conclusion in your own time.


7 think i answered that in one of the previous questions. youi just have more respect love and memories of the great timeswith that person, unforunatley some people such as myself despite how sometimes i dont show it i just care about how people would react. i guess some people need to be given the benefit of the doubt sometimes. life just isnt fair i guess lol.

try to get this person to understand how you feel.


and dont apologise, hope i helped.



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