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should i ask him to go out tonite???


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Hey. This is aboiut a guy i met close to 2 months ago now. I gave him my number and he talked to me all night.Then he gave me his number so i called him the next day. Well i called a few times a week after that and twice our plans to do sumthin fell through. So i really didnt talk to him for a few weeks or close to a month after that. But this past saturday night i called him around 9. I wasnt drunk, but i was a little buzzed i guess. Im not sure if he knew cuz i tried not to show it, but i dont kno. I asked him if we could hang out some time, and he said...well im not busy now, wanna do sumthing? i said sure. he then said.....well i was suppose to go to my friends house, so ill call him and see if hes willing ot do ne thing. but he never called me back.


Me and my friend KNOW that he is a good kid. Hes 16 and hes a skater, so basically he spends his whole life skating lol. We kno hes at home at night and he doesnt cause trouble. And we are thinmking that the reason he didnt come out, was because it was too late and his mom wouldnt let him go out with girls he doesnt kno, or that he couldnt find another friend to come with him so he felt awkward coming alone.


So my question is.....since he said...im not busy now, wanna do sumthing?.....did he really wanna do sumthin, id ont think he was trying to mess with us but he coujld have been. And should i call him tonight and ask him to come to the movies, so we have some definite plans, or should i forget it? Please reply soon im goin out and wont be back all day, and i would appreciate it so much, Thanks guys ur awesome.

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I dunno... I am not a "skater" so.. but here is my input. (my mind is a little weird so if my sentences are kinda confusing... sorry heh)


As a guy i love it when a girl calls me. So anytime a girl calls me I am willing to put alot down and just talk. So it kidna depends. I would say hey go ahead and call him. Does it really matter what happens? I would do it cuz if you still just went out without him, there would be a whole lot of "what ifs." So yeah, ask him. Make it short, cuz we all know that us men HATE talking on the phone (cuz we can't see who we are talking to is what I say ) If he were worth your effort, then he would go and drop a whole lot. But if he is like sure and blows you off again, then would you want to date him?? That shows a number of things, first, immaturity, second, uninterested, third, lazy... that of all things will prove him not to be any fun. Each time you would go out, he would be really tired, and it would be work to get him up and going. I dunno that is what I think, judging from other "skaters" I know... they are not very interesting people... they can only skate, and they got crap for brains. If you want all brawn rock on, go for him, but if you want someone to want you back, I would probably go and look for another type of guy.


For another.

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