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The Ex Factor

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Hey everyone,


I have read many topics about people pondering the idea of reconciling with their ex's. It appears many of the above -mentioned- postings fit into the "moth" category.


The Moth Theory


The moth is attracted to the heat and intensity of the light. It flies towards the light source gets a little bit to hot, backs away, it repeats this getting closer and closer with each passing, taking it slow because its uncomfortable. But all the while thinking the light feels pretty good, like a warm fuzzy. Eventually the moth gets too close and gets burned alittle and pulls back... being lucky, than remembers the good feeling of the closeness and goes in for one last time and gets zapped. Bye Bye Moth. But hey it felt good.


Another analogy is the mosquito zapper. In this situation the Mosquito acts extremely fast and doesn't think ahead, it just goes for it and ZzZzZzZzZzZz!!..Adios mosquito, au revoir.


Just A Thought from,


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Hello Justagirl




We all want to feel that warmth again do we not?


bilnded by love, we cannot see the danger, we just follow our hearts into the flame, and then we burn.


But even a new love is similar, we bask in the warmth of someones love, sharing our love with theirs, and hope they dont flip the switch and fry us.


How many time can we get zapped before giving up? I don't know, im to busy counting.

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I know what you are saying we are atracked to things which are bad for us. I see it more like food.


Junk food is easy, cheap and bad for you


Real food is more hardwork especially if you make it yourselve tastes better if you are willing to wait and is good for you

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yes we try to get back what we have lost. The saying is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all. I hate that saying but it is true. I have tryed to get back a lost love I think we all have. That is all I have to say.

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LOL, interesting analogy! I like that!


I have my own twist on that to add - it's only by getting zapped a few times by the artifical zapper that looks like it'll warm you that you get the experience to tell the difference between that, and the natural fire that can offer comfort, and alternately also heat your blood without burning.


Fortunately, unlike mosquitoes, we can learn from our experiences, and live long enough to take advantage of what we've learned if we're smart enough ^_^

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