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Let me know PLEASE!!!


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My boyfriend said the girls he knew know about him being a daddy. When we talk about cheating. It makes me sick. Don't want to deal with that kind of a boyfriend. What should I do? He talks about how stupid and dumb these subjects are! Am I in a bad relationship? Then, he talks about the ONLY couple in the world in love. Which is his sister and husband. Am I being too jealous because I think he is cheating on me???? What do you think? THANKS!!! Are these signs of him being un-faithful?

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Its very plain, you can choose to see the warning signs or not.


I suggest to you to leave this guy, doesn't mean you will, you want so much for him not to be the way he is, that you will make excuses for him in your mind for the things he said. Just ask yourself this, would a faithful loving companion think or say the things this man says?


The answer is simple, whats hard, is accepting it and doing what you know you must do.


I thought it was an interesting touch on how he told you that he doesnt love you, by saying that the only people in that world he thinks are in love is his Sister and her husband.


This man doesnt believe in commitment, and has no shame about it. he has told you his beliefs and his view points, he is warning you ! so dont act surprised if you stay with him and he hurts you. and dont even dream that you have the power to change him. your love aint gonna change him and "make him see the light". you can help yourself though.

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