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does she like me still or not?


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ok so me and this girl were really into each other and saw each other like everyday for like 3 weeks straight. we were very close to what seemed like a regular relationship, we kissed and hugged and all that. Then i did something and made her mad. It wasnt really too big of a deal and she said "i like you still, but i dunno" whatever that means. So were still talking and stuff and would see each other but it wasnt like before, she seemed distant and didnt act like she did before. It seemed like she just kinda wnated to be friends. I mailed her and said that i knew she really didnt like me anymore so i would quit bothering her. Then she got kinda mad and we mailed back and forth until i apologized for everything. After not talking for awhile she emailed me the other day and asked how i was and when the next show was that my band was playing. She wasnt able to make it to the show cause of her car so she mailed me and let me know. i replied with this email


"I could've taken you but its fine cause it turned out to be a pretty crappy show anyway. Austin and me both have like some crappy throat problem right now so we didnt sound so great, plus everyone hated us with the exception of lauria and her friends. And i realize that you just want to be friends, so i feel so crappy about sending you those emails before and being a jerk. Things werent really going the way i wanted and i acted like an ass, so im sorry. I havent been able to stop thinking about it and i feel really bad so i just thought i would let you know. I was surprised you even kept talking to me, but im glad you did. Anyway its almost like 5 in the morning and i need to sleep cause i havent in like 3 days. I hope you have a good day tomorrow and a happy thanksgiving, i sure know i will with my loser ass family. Bye."


the she replied


"Hey there, happy thansgiving. ok so when is your show in mdland? where and when?? i will be there dead or alive! LOL i miss seeing you! and trust me shit happens dont feel bad. hope to see u soon and eat tons of good food!



so judging from this does she like me or just want to be friends?

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Yes she wants to be with you!


Do not bring up the subject of what happened anymore, stop saying your sorry, from now on, its as if it never happened, OK?


if i tell you: don't think of purple dinosaurs.


Are you thinking about them less now then before I told you not to think about them? of course not.


Stop reminding her about something she is trying to forget, don't tell her she "should" feel bad over what you did over and over again by saying you did real bad.


I'm not saying you should never say your sorry if you did something wrong, you did good on this, but don't over do it.


Act like you did before all this happened. and never look scared of losing her or desperate to have her.


Hope your throat gets better!


good luck

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