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happy ending

Laura Ashley

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Hi ppls,

my week has been a right nitemare ever since my OLD friend gemma told johnathon (crush) that I said he's cute in her drama class!!

but I was in an exam today where everybody sits to take an exam, and to make things worse Johnathon was sat right next to me, and it was kinda embarressing cause he has not spoke to me since gemma told him I said he was cute.

and I began to giggle really bad cause of it, I mean how typicle is it out of 300 students he has to sit next to me!! anyhow i think me and johnathon are beginning to make progress of forgetting what gemma said because he spoke to me a little bit in science after lunch, so that made me happy.

so now im back at square 1 of trying to get to know him better. I never really knew why I was embarressed about everyone knowing I had a crush on him cause it turns out Im only human and it turns out that my best friend annie fancys him as well! I guess I was scared of humiliation and rejection of asking someone out.

I have always had a problem of having a crush on someone that does not fancy me or its someone off t.v that i can't meet!

im not sure what to do now, I mean i want to buck up my courage to ask him out. hope I get the chance and he says yes!

laura x

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well it seems that maybe he likes you too, other wise why would he have sat right next to you out of all the other seats?? is it going to hurt your friendship with the other girl who likes him too if you & him start dating? you should think about your friends too. well, i hope every thing works out!

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ask him..maybe he sat by you for an obvious reason..maybe he wuz glancing at you out of the corner of his eyes...or maybe your just very smart and he wanted to copy your answers on your exam??!!


Ever notice that emotions are the only feeling in us that are actually made by us through a thorough sensual thought process but we are unaware of the feeling until that right moment that we have absolute no control over?
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