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thought I was over her but now I am back to square 1


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ok I have been here before about this girl Nancy,


anyway after countless hours of getting nowhere I finally told her how I felt. She basically told me she didnt know if anything would happen between us or not . (really vauge) I told her that was going to stop calling her all the time and stuff, she was upset and I followed hrough with what I said. After about 2 weeks last night she called me. After finally beign able to stop thinking of her. she wanted me to come over to applebees. I was in thr area so I stopped by and got somehtin to drink ( she was there with 2 of her friends, and I was too) when I got there she never sadi much to me and never said much to her. It was weird we just kept exchanging looks . i was talking to one of my buds at the table and she just blurts out you are so mean, I say what I can talk to him however he knows I'm playing , she says not that. SO basically we sat around and one of my buds was on the phone with some more girls and we went and met up with them...........even though the whole time I just wanted to swoop her up and kiss her I wasnt able too. Do think by calling his girls she is tellin me somthin I just dont know any suggestions




Happy turkey day

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