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Fallen hard for a friend need to talk to someone


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Hi, i have this really big problem. I firsts realized that i had fallen in love with my friend about 2 yrs. ago. I never said anything about it to anyone bout my brother. Well during the first yr. we hung out every weekend. Went to movies and dancing. She knows that i got her back 100% and i would do anything in my power to help her. Well like i started to say, right about when it all started i felt like i should tell her but i was to affraid. I then felt i lost my chance when she started dating some guy. They got real serious but we still saw each other (since we worked together basically back to back at a call center) ive always felt like she gave me mixed signals..holding my hand, always pulling me to dance when we go to clubs, gettinmg a little jealous when i would talk to a girl. Well after a yr of torture i finally met someone and have gotten really serious with this person. she made me cut off my friend completely because she felt i had a crush on her ( i never told her) so another yr goes by and im happy with me girl but i cant stop thinking about my friend. recently about 2 weeks ago i started looking for her and got a hold of her. we have been talking again ever since and have gone out with friends to clubs.. i feel like its still there even more so than before. we just have this connection i believe. i feel like this is my chance since she just broke up with her boyfriend about 3 weeks ago..im just affraid to tell her.. i dont wanna ruin our friendship i mean ive know her for 6yrs. im not 100% on how she feels..but the really big problem is that i dated her sister prior to my falling in love with her for 2 yrs. I believe her sister still has something for me. My friend and i both see it.. im just so torn..im still with my girl but i really in love with my friend....what can i do....

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Greetings Angel,


I guess you should have a chat with your friend. It does`t matter that you where with her sister before. If she will tell you that she likes you well good for you If not well at least you will know the facts.


Speaking about your current girlfriend I think the honesty is a best policy!

If you really don`t feel that you can be together you better tell her how you feel.


And next time before starting a relationship think are you really attracted to the person or is sort of temporary refuge for you ?


All the best,



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first of all you have a strong friendship with her..so you can always use that to an advantage. you dated her sister though...is her sister your current girl or is your current girl someone else? tell her your true feelings..what harm could it possibly do? if anythin' it would probaly jus' bring weirdness between you 2. but you wouldn't lose friendship. but i don't think she would turn you down for tellin' her your feelings. if yu 2 jus' have this connection..that would be your go-no-go dude..i'd say give it a shot..i think it will work out..jus' get the courage to ask her man...she should understand the sister situation..but it will bring unwanted space between her and her sister..that is to be expected..cuz there are factor's such as jealousy and envy..i don't know what to say about that situation..cuz i haven't really faced an event such as that...


"if you hide inside yourself, you will eventually lose what you are..and systematically make a mere image of what you thought you were...when you were you"-crazy huh?
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