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im quite a shy guy even round my friends.however,i tend to be quite forward if i like someone.however,my experience of dating mens tht ive never had to flirt with someone.


ive recently made some new friends whom are very nive and cool.they know a girl who ive met on a few occasions.i really like this girl,who is really sweet and nice and really pretty.she really took my breath away.


ive just found out tht shes going to a set of parties tht i wil also be attending.i really want to get to know her and get her phone no,be friends and maybe go out with her if i really like her.


i jus have no idea how to do this as ive never had to do this with the girl i dated as it was a LDR.as a result,i never had to flirt in person.


could u give me a general idea of how to flirt.



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If you've met her before, it shouldn't be as big a deal as if you've never spoken, and the first party you're at should be the hardest hurdle - just approach her with a interested but casual attitude "Hey (name), good to see you here, never had a chance to talk to you much, so what you been up to?" If she's receptive, she'll fall into a conversation with you, and you can take it from there. Throw in a light compliment "you know, you're really looking great tonight" and watch how she reacts. If she gets flirty, or blushes, and seems inclined to keep wanting to talk to you, add in something about the next party you'll both be at "hey, you going to (name) party too? Cool, we can meet up there then, I'll look forward to that" and see what she says. If she's enthusiastic, maybe see if she wants to hook up before the party and go there together, not as much pressure as a date, but you can get her number, talk to her, and get to know her a bit more.

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