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Should I Belive Him and Get back with him?..


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As the topic says, I posted on here awhile back that I thought my bf was cheating. Well I found letters that the girl that I suspected that he was messing with had written him and well to make things short they werent just the everday 'Hi, how are you letters'. They were very, Lets say very sexual !! anyway, so I broke up with him. He told me that she wrote those letters cause he wouldnt do anything with her and that she wrote them hoping that he break up with me. Ok, for some reason that sounded alittle odd to me. So I go up and I confront the girl ( twice! ) and the first time she tells me that yeah she did sleep with him, Of course I was mad so I called my bf and ask him why he lied to me and he starts getting all emotional and telling me that we need to talk and bla bla bla.. So I meet him and we go back to his house and we talked for a good 3hrs or so, He tells me that he loves me and doesnt want us to be apart and would do anything for us to get back together. He tells me that he never slept with this girl, they kissed once and that was it, and the only reason he was hanging out with her was because I wasnt hanging out with him enough and he wanted to make me jealous so I would spend more time with him ( I go to school during the day and work pretty much everynight, and The time I am off work I spend it with him ) How could I possibly spend more time with him? I mean I dunno maybe I did fail at being a good GF? But anyway, the next day after I talk with him I confront this girl again and tell her what he said, and she says " oh yeah we only kissed " an well I dont know if I should believe her or what ?! So that night my bf comes to where I work saying he was sorry for hurting me and he loves me and how it was a stupid thing to do and all that. And now he is sending me emails saying how sorry he is and everything?!.. I'm just confused, is it possible that he did only kiss her and she was just doing what she was doing to break us up?



~ Angel ~

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Hi angel_n_chains,


Well, they've both changed their story once you did some investigating. I'm not sure they are telling you the truth even right now. Lets think about it - if she wrote those letters so that you'd break up with him and he didn't want them - then why in the world did he keep them???? It makes no sense. If I got a letter like that and I didn't want it I'd throw it away.


I think he is still not telling you the truth and you probably made the right decision in breaking up with him. I think you are probably better off without him. Don't blame yourself - you aren't a bad girlfriend. He's the one who made the decision to cheat.



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Thankz so much for replying.. Like you said, I still feel inside like there is alot that they arent telling me and I dont want to be in a relationship where I put everything into it and I get nothing in return. I'm only 16 I have way more priorities then worrying about if the guy I love is cheating on me. Thanks so much once again..


~ Angel ~

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Sorry to break it to you, but I've been in a similar situation like that. Well, it was between my ex (a Latin Hottie ), me, and another girl.


I was in a short-term relationship with him. When we broke up, he started seeing this girl immediately, I on the otherhand, didn't know about this. So, as he was supposedly, 'with her' while he was still calling me and still hanging out with me.


Well, one thing led to another, we bonded like usual, and he told me he wanted me back, he still cared for me. Well you know...(okay, I'll just let you figure that part out)...


We went back to being B/F & G/F for a week, then I had the hunch that he was trying to get with someone else. I broke it off.


Finally, his new G/F calls me, I guess she got it from his cellphone (since he was still calling me on numerous occasions) to confront me, to see if I knew anything about it. I was surprised, so I said yes, we were together. Then he denied it to her, and said that we weren't. Basically, he told her what your ex B/F told you.


Then, she called and asked me again, and then I got annoyed and told her, yeah we only hung out, and left it at that. Actually, more things happened than that. Well, I got fed up at that point. I figured, 'this is starting to sound a bit too soap oprayish to me! I hate soaps! I dont' watch it, and I certainly do not want to be caught up in this mess!!!' So, I told her what she wanted to hear, and didn't feel like repeating myself again. I wanted her off my back.


I figured, I'll just stop being the nice guy, and let her learn. I'm not her mother, and I'm not her friend. She was buggin me. I don't want to be involved! Plus, that girl's voice annoyed me! She had that Valley girl accent, ay yay yay! ](*,)


Anyway, my point is, perhaps that girl just doesn't want to be caught up in that whole mess, so, she told you what you wanted to hear.


You should listen to what your gut is telling you. It's definetely telling you that something's not right. Don't make the mistake my ex's G/F did. Oh, and by the way, he still calls me. (I've blocked his cell/hm/bestfriend's cell/hm/his work number, and he's found other alternatives like calling me at work, in which I never gave him my number at work).


By the looks of it, I suspect that your ex is doing the same. He still could be keeping in touch with her, or at least trying to, but you don't know. You know that old saying, "Actions speak louder than words..."??? Well, think about it, he's telling you that he loves you, but his actions did the wrong thing by cheating on you...


I definitely have to agree with Avman says, short and simple, "be glad that you broke it off with him." I just want to share my story w/you, b/c in the end, I felt sorry for my ex's G/F, because she's stuck with a 'Player'!


This guy sounds like a Rico Suave, and you certainly don't need that right now. You are 16, you are still young and beautiful, and don't need that in your life right now! Save it for someone special who deserves you. Besides, you have special occasions like prom and winter formal coming up. With this guy around, you could lose a lot of potentials who would make far better dates than him.


Get that diva attitude on honey, and cheer up! . He's not worth your time!

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