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Its Not Fair

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I swear, I think I get better.. Then I run into or see my ex.. Just this morning I saw him driving and I live in LA for god's sake.. there are millions of people here.. i seem to run into him alot.. once I was walking on a residential street not in my or his neighborhood and he drove by.. stopped and we chit chatted... Then I start to think.. If Im seeing him alot.. maybe we are ment to be... I wish I could take a pill to forget about him and relieve this pain.. Its so painfull that the person that you love doesnt love you anymore... I dont understand it... and its not fair... I saw him on sat at a club.. he looked like shit and I thought it would help me get over him.. But today he looked good.. Sigh.. I dont like his friends.. One in particular.. hes always been cold to me.. anyway im venting.. thanks for listening

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Hi there,

You cant stop living just because you guys have broken up, look at it this way, and when you dont want to see someone which i think is your case then you will see them all the time.

I'll tell you something, i moved back up to the city i live in now and i didnt want my ex to see me, however only a few weeks later he saw me, he was even with a girl... but he chased me about 50 km out of the city just for me to talk to him.

I often wondered what it would be like you know seeing him and stuff and us talking but here we go, you guys broke up for a reason, your love was not equal in the relationship, one loved another person the most, so look at it this way.... you are going to get up and everything is going to be all right. You will find your prince, and if you love something let it go, if it comes back then it belongs to you, if it doesnt it was never yours.

But dont live in hopes you guys will get back together.



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Don't fret it... it takes a while to get over the one that you love even if the feelings aren't mutual. I can totally relate though because my fiance and I broke up back in August but I still think about how things could be different... but then I realize that I don't love the guy that I broke up with -- I love the guy I fell in love with. What I'm trying to say is yes, you may second guess yourself on whether or not you should be with him but just like it's often said, "Everything happens for a reason." Give yourself some time to heal.. do things that tickle your fancy... it's all about you now. Go out and find what you want without having to worry about other people. At least you have it better than me.. how?... because I still work with my ex but as times passes... I stand my ground and keep my chin up because I realize that it wasn't meant to be. I hope that helps you somewhat. Good luck!

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sorry to hear you have that problem. Just broke up with my girlfriend a few weeks ago. She lived a 2.5 hours drive from my house...so what would be the odds of running into her right?


That was until she decided to date a guy from my neighbourhood... so I see her quite often too and indeed, that hurts.


Try to get on with your life, that's what I'm doing. The only thing I'm affraid of is that it will be necessary to exclude that person entirely from your life. If you see him...Walk on. And always remember the bad...not the good. That's what I'm trying to do now.

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