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When a girl keeps asking "what did u do last night" or "what are you doing tonight"? is it a hint for a date?


She always smiles at me. She called me her favorite member in gym ...perfect nose..big muscles...articulate...very funny.


Plus one day she touched my chest.. " she wanted to rub lint from sweater" on me


I would like a woman's perspective on this



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i dont know if its a hint or maybe just an interest in your life, somne people just like to make conversation.


so she touhes you etc, that to me sounds like a good sign that she may like you, how about the way she looks at you or her tone of voice?


if she asks often of what you do, you could say nothing tonight if youd like to come out..any good? (thats if you like to)


~LJ =;

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On sat nov 29...this girl said "you are so hilarious....and if someone ever kicked you in the ass i'd kick theirs seriously"


Sun 30...she ignored me...not even eye contact...she was talking to another girl, so I let them chat. On my way out, still no eye contact...but the girl she was talking to gave me a big smile...teeth and all..wtf?


Your thoughts please...........

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