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Adding more techniques to kissing your gf


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Hey. I just wondered if any of you had any tips, techniques and adding a bit more spice when kissing your girlfriend? At the moment the kissing is good. She likes me really gently biting her bottom and top lips, and touching her inside top gum with my tongue. I know im not very good @ kissing her on her neck although she says she really likes it. Do you gently bite, or just kiss in different places on her neck?

Any tips girls/boys?



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I love to lick her lips and get my own lips licked.

And just use my bottom lip to stroke hers with.


Words of caution:


* Don't suck on the nose holes.

* Don't blow into his/hers nose.

* And don't EVER think about biting when you're down at the nipples. I accidently did that and then my teeth just smashed together. It seemed to be very painful for her and she was sore there for two days =(.

* Neck feels sechsy to cuddle up.

* Don't blow or breath into the ears while kissing and sucking on the earlobe


But then I guess some people like to be ravaged =) Good luck!

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Hahaha! That's funny, don't blow up her nose!


You know what? Actually, I really don't like my partner tongues the roof of my mouth or my gums, it's just nasty! One of the best things that I like when my b/fs kiss me is when he nibbles on my ears, and then blows on it. Wooweeh...it just tickles...i love it!


Oh, and kiss her back. I guess anywhere that tickles is a good spot to kiss. Depends on where she's ticklish!

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