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One minute Maybe, next minute No

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Ex-GF and I had a powerfully loving relationship...neither of us were ready, especially me, to move things to the next level so we decided to give each other some space. About 1 month into the breakup I came to really understand how much I loved her and wanted her in my life. I told her how I felt and she said she didnt know anymore. Its been a few weeks since then, we have seen each other casually, talked on the phone a bunch of times and emailed quite a bit. Each time I think we are making some progress towards reconnecting, she immediately withdraws. For example, we spent Saturday night together at her sister's new house and really had a good time. She called me on Monday to say that she feels like she is reconnecting with her feelings and starting to feel like she can forgive me and her for what happened between us. I was really touched...I felt like things moving in a positive direction.


Last night she calls and says that she doesnt want to talk anymore...that her gut tells her that she wants to be broken up and that seeing me and talking to me just makes things more confusing. I understand that perspective is needed in all things, especially for such deep emotions. I dont understand why she is oscillating between wanting to see me and talk to me and not wanting any contact. I asked her this and she had no answer. So I said, after quite a bit of expressing how I felt, that fine...lets not talk or anything until you can give me an answer of some kind. I hate the ultimatum thing, but Im beginning to feel really hurt by her actions and need something to move on from.


Does anybody have any advice, perspective, similar stories to share? Thx...

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Hey there Bruisednotbroken,

I am in a similiar case just like you, me and my ex broke up...we saw each other occasianally, he acts like he likes me and then he acts like he doesnt sometimes. I have given him a letter telling him how I feel and have received good advice on here. The only thing I can say is to walk away and have no contact. She may see what she is missing down the road. But don't give into her. Dont call her, dont email her or nothing. And then see what happens...i promise it will turn out great!!!

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