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Don't ever go back

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Well l went to meet my ex after work (haven't seen her for 3 months) l saw her coming out of the door and walked away l couldn't do it, it really was like seeing a ghost it scared me so much.


I would tell everyone on here who is hoping to get there ex back to just leave the past alone put it to rest. what l felt today was the worst l've felt for along time.


Everything everyone said on here was so true it's not worth going back l ended up sending her a rather stupid message which l regreted deeply. l will never do it again, ok l never got my answer and l hope she doesn't reply to my message l don't want to know anymore. seeing her today hit me like a slap in the face but it was only then that l realized it was over.

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Hello Senna


Thats good advice Senna, it is best to let go of the past, and not let it take control over your actions in the present.


Not everyone is as strong as you, they still hold resentment, fear, anger or hopes over their Exs. and just cant let go. they let it consume them and control who they are they become "jaded" incapable of loving or being loved.


Now that you have seen the light, its a weight off your shoulders, its now, that you can start to repair the damages, lick your wounds, and journey into the future with hopes and aspirations of new love.

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Hey there, I know exactly what you feel. I often hoped that my ex of 2.5 years would come back to me after we split up 3 months ago, well he came up begging me to be with him. Oh G-d it scared the hell out of me... just being that same person I was when I was around him, not trusting him, and just being in that same circle... though we broke up and he broke it off. I tried to get back together with him, but I couldnt, even the physical (which was always great) well it wasnt there for me anymore, i didnt have feelings and it was CR*AP so I ran, NOW i smile just thinking how much i missed him all that time and how much I begged for him to cme back to me. I left him in the end.

And I couldnt be any more happier.

Sometimes it's for the best that things happen this way and we see our ex's.

I love him still but I love the memories that him and I have, not what could be

So Congrats, it just feels great!


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hello Finzsoftie


Yours is a great post, it really is what happens almost everytime, sometimes it takes a little longer for it to sink-in because they want so bad for that feeling to come back.


You were lucky in a way, because he did want you back, and you got to find out for yourself that it isnt the same. because he isnt the same in your mind anymore.


I feel sorry for those countless others that dont get that chance to find out for themselfs, and still think that is their honeys come back to them that everything will be as before, or even better, because they are gona try harder. so they hold on to the illusion of what was, and dont live in the now.


this whole thread is a good one. I hope all those in simular situations read this, and see for themselfs the real life experiences of two people. one that let go, learning on his own, and another, that got that second chance, and found out for herself that its never the same.

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Well i finally agree with this post after 3months of my break up. If you read any of my previous posts, it was all about dealing with my break and how to get back with me ex.


I coudln't let go and i kept believing there was another chance. Especially since she was having second thoughts about breaking up with me. Well it happened two days back now, i've realised that she just isn't the same person anymore. She started having feelings for a friend of mine just a month after our break up, and she did not know who she wanted to be with. I waited and waited with the expectation of her askin gme back. Now i've just learned that they've been together for 3 weeks. So soon after the break up, both knowing full well how this would affect me.


Now i can truly say that its over and i can finally begin get closure, the hardest part is the fact that i hate them both so much right now.


Time will heal i guess.

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