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Confused about the chemistry!


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Can anyone help me understand this guy!!!? I went on a first date with this guy I met at a friend's party. We totally hit it off and a few days later he emailed me asking for a date. I wasn't sure I fancied him but I agreed anyway and he was really keen sayin like how he'd love to meet up with me. So anyways we meet a week later and we spent the whole day together just hangin. So I kinda got the feeling that i really beginning to like this guy a whole lot. We didn't get physical or anything like that - I really wanted to but I held back. So I email him later and tell him later I really do like him a whole lot as I didn't think I gave off good signals on the date. But he calls me later and says he's flattered but he didn't feel there was any chemistry but he really likes me a lot and totally respects and admires me and still wants to see me. I don't understand - Did he never fancy me in the first place and he always meant for us to only be friends!??


He was asking personal stuff on the date like about my exes which I totally didn't expect. So I told him the truth and said my last serious relationship was a few years and then he says he's commitment-phobic and his longest was less than a year. I didn't make much of that at the time but later when he calls and talked bout the no chemistry he specifially mentioned that he got the impression I was serious when dating guys and he didn't want to mess me around or lead me on. I thought there was chemistry as ya don't spend a whole day with someone unless there's something there...I'm confused. What did he mean!?? That he didn't fancy me and only saw me as a friend in which case why was he chasing me so hard in the beginning!??


Anyway so I was thinkin I wouldn't see this guy again as I thought he wasn't interested in me and I was disappointed as we totally connected and I thought he was special. So we didn't contact each other for a little over 2 weeks and suddenly he emails back asking me to get back in touch. I'm sooooooooooo confused. Where do I stand with this guy? does he just want friendship?? He's sending me out mixed signals?! Can anyone help here?!?



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some times our hearts and minds get carried away because we want something so bad. your situation is easily solved. If you want to pursue something with the guy then do so (but at your pace not his) don't let him think your all into him cause then he'll take advantage of the situation. Date him and a couple others you'll know after a few weeks which route to take if you want to continue pm me i'm new to this

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