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I don't understand the confusion


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What is it? Why are people so "confused"? My girlfriend of five years and I have been broken up for eight months. Now we are talking, but she says she is confused. I hate it. If we have been apart for eight months, what does she have to be confused about? Am i just an idiot for agreeing to be her friend? She was honest with me and says she is "seeing other people". Is there any hope of us getting back together, or am I just setting myself up for disappointment?


When two people love each other as much as we say we do, why do we have to be apart?

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Hello there,


I understand you and your ex have been apart for 8 months. I also understand that you are wondering if you will get back together, but she states that she is confused.


I'm going to respond to your last statement first. Sometimes love may not be enough, perhaps your ex has some sort of issues that still haven't healed during this 8 month time. Maybe she sees that certain aspects of what caused you to break up in the first place have not changed. You didn't give a lot of detail, so I am solely going off of what I read.


At this same token, you have to decide if waiting around for her to stop being confused and to know what she wants is what you are willing to and really want to do. If you're going to be her friend, then be a friend, and even though it is difficult, try to stop hoping for more. If you can't do this, maybe 8 months apart was not long enough and perhaps you need more time to assess your own feelings. This girl is able to have her cake and eat it too as she is dating other people, but keeping you on the back burner if things don't work out.


I suggest you sit down and talk to her. Explain that you want to get back together and you'd like to know her views on that. Also, make sure you are clear on what she is confused about because it sounds like you are somewhat clueless in this area.


Best wishes!

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