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Need a advice now!!!!


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Hello everyone,


I need your help once again. There is a girl that I been talking to for the last month and half. I think things are going alright, but last Thursday after our date I was trying to give her good nite kiss and I got side of the neck of instead. I wasn't trying to get on her, I just wanted to give her kiss. She called me back and told me that she was sorry and that she said hopefully I wasn't mad at her. Of course I wasn't because I felt bad and embrassed at the same time. Later on she told me that she just didn't want to feel pressure into doing anything. I told her that I wasn't trying to do anything and of course I wouldn't force myself on her. Well, we talk later on and she said to me that just forget about the incident and pretend it never happen and we will move on. There is also one more thing that really bothers me. She did this couple times to me already. Sometimes when we talk on the phone and her best friend Olivia calls her and then she puts me on hold for couple minutes. Then tells me that she will call me back later tonight, if not she call me tomorrow. I just don't understand it am I not as important as her best friend. Maybe I am just getting mad over nothing.


I know she likes me because she told me before. I don't know if that incident that happen last Thursday changed her opinion about me. I want everyone advice on this. What do you think about my situation. Should I be worried or I am just over analyzing things. I think my problems is that I like her alot and I think she knows that, but I am not going to let a girl run all over me. I just want to tell her what is on my mind right now especially about when her best friend calls and immediately precedes to tell me that she will call me tomorrow because she needs to talk to her.


Please help me,

Thanks so much


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You say you're not going to let a girl run all over you - but that's exactly what you're doing.


Stop calling her for a while - see what happens. If you're so important to her - let her come to you. Sounds to me like you're "a friend," - not someone she wants to date. Girls don't turn down a kiss from a guy they like.


Girls also don't like guys who follow them around like wet puppy dogs. She's taking you for granted because she CAN. You're allowing it. Stop allowing it. Someone can only treat you bad if you let them.

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Hey LRw301JL,

I know what you are going through. I agree w/ Emdeesea about not calling this girl. Let HER come after YOU. I also agree that women don't like someone who acts like a wet puppy dog, but this I don't understand. All I hear from women is how they want someone who is caring and sensitve, but when they have the opportunity to be with that person, then they run scared or turn that person down. I have been learning a lot these past few months, but still can't comprehend why that is. Has she recently gotten out of a relationship? If she has, maybe that could be a reason why she is trying not to rush into something. I am like you, I hate when I am talking to someone I like and they would rather speak to someone else. That's a big warning sign that she doesn't like you. Frankly, since you are fairly new in your relationship, just drop her and find someone who will appreciate you and not play games. I let some girl run all over me a few months ago and although we liked each other a lot, at the end I had to be honest with myself. I kept holding my feelings saying to myself, "maybe if I do this she will like me, or maybe if I do that she will like me". Evetually, I just got sick of being treated like a chump and I told her I am not gonna see her anymore and that it isn't going to work out.

Hey, at least if you do that you will still have your pride.

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After reading your post, I have come to the conclusion that you are younger then myself. I was in your same shoes. I liked a girl, went out on a date or two. Then she decided she wanted to play a few games.


Take for example her putting you on hold, in all honesty, it may sound cold, put if she puts you on hold for more then 30 seconds, without clicking over and saying I will call you back, then I suggest next time you hang up and wait for her to call you back.


Unfortunately at your age girls are rather confused about what they want. They often times enjoy the challenge of pulling a guys strings, it doesn't necessarily make them evil, but on the same token, its very frustrating when you are on the receiving end. Heres the deal, its obvious the girl likes you, but you really have to start playing hard to get ( Which is easier sad then done). Yes you can still call her and what not, but its important that you allow her to initiate most conversations, especially considering you two are not dating.


Ever notice why the bad guys get the girls, or the guys that treat the girls like garbage and plkay hard to get always seem like they have girlfriends. Well its because girls like the chase. So give it to her man.

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