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Haven't seen my ex for 3 months now we were together for five years just recently she's been sending me messages (one every week) then out of the blue she meets MY best friend for a drink and tells her that she still loves me and wants me back and told her to say something to me about it.

That was 3 weeks ago since then l've played it cool tried to meet her for a drink but she ignores me or avoids the question.


Anyway since she told my friend this news l've really been going out of my mind. we never had closuer and now l want it.

l'm going to go and meet her after work (she doesn't know l'll be there)and find out one way or the other l need to know, either she wants me she doesn't what do you guys think? I think it's the only way l will know for sure? yet l don't want to freak her out. l need to move on l need her to look me in the eye and say she doesn't want me anymore

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