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My Gf this friday was at a friends house. If you have read about my posts it is the same guy that she doesnt not trust drunk with her and who i think is a really bad influence on her. Well on that day this guy got really high and was trying to get with her all night. He was saying bunch of shit like i cheated on her so she should go do shit with him to get me back. And how all close friends makeout with each other and it was ok. She was very uneasy about this. While watching a movie he went up her shirt and she was violated. She left his place and called me, i knew something was up but didnt ask about it and i could of met up with her.. but she didnt said in the morning. I talked to her today, it took her 4 days to tell me what had happened because she was afraid of what i was going to say and what i was going to do. I didnt know what to tell her, it hurt me to see her like how she was, she said she was ok, but i could see her lieing through her teeth and actually in pain inside.

I dont know what to do... I want to go and kick this guys ass, but i told her i wouldnt. Before i left i told her that i was there for her if she needed anything or just needed someone to be with and she just totally broke down. I did not know what to do cause i have never been in this situation before. She then told me that if she pulled away and stuff that to not take it personally.. and i totally understand that and will give her the space she needs. But i really need some advice, because it is really killing me inside to see her like this and i dont know what to do about it. I want to do something to this guy like kick his ass but i know it wont help the situation at all..

Thanks for your time.

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No... Jaxon, it wouldn't help for you to beat him up. Somehow, I have this sense that she is NOT telling you everything; there is more to it than what she tries to tell you. Also, if she is your girlfriend, why would she meet up with that guy in the first place knowing jolly well he is bad influence??? That baffles me and her remark about 'pulling away and nothing personal'.


Maybe letting the tension settle down and giving her a few days would make it easier to find out what really happened. You do have a right to know.

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