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Stop your divorce

Mei Mei

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'Hey friends


Can anyone tell me who have a book called "STOP YOUR DIVORCE"

Stop Your Divorce is published by:



115 Woden Way

Winter Haven, FL 33884



Dose anyone read this book and it works on their relationship.?


and I want to get this book if i can save my relationship


Pls help

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Hello Mei Mei!


Wlecome to Enotalone! I've noticed your posts lately, and don't want to sound rude or anything, but you really should not waste your time on books like these. Not at least for now. First of all, you guys are not married. Second of all, if you're relationship does not have a strong foundation, then what makes you think that it will work out even if your were married.


You don't want a relationship to be built on insecurities, lies, and deception. This guy does not respect your feelings. He left you for another woman. There's no point in trying to salvage something that doesn't belong to you. If his lying, cheating-heart is inflicting so much pain to you, then why would you want to be with someone who will abuse your heart. It's like he treats you like garbage!


He even used the crudded, "Oh, I think that we can't work out b/c we're culturally different." Yeah right man! I dated a guy, whom I never thought that I would interacially date, but did, and realize that culture does play a lot on a person's background, but does not necessarily alter their values. In other words, culture only defines background, not personality.


He's obviously rejecting a big part of you. He's basically sneering upon your culture, and then saying that you're not good enough as a partner. I don't think that putting all of your eggs in one basket is a good investment. He's not worth it.


A relationship is a 2-way street. Sounds like you're in this relationship alone, b/c he's not putting forth equal efforts. A relationship requires respect, honesty, generosity, and commitment to work things through as a union. You're hoping for something that will not become an image of what is 'ideal'. If he's like this now while you're dating, think about how he will be like as a husband material, someone neglectful. You don't want to be like those wives who their husbands end up walking out on them and their kids.


You're not being too demanding, and you are certainly not expecting too much. In fact, you're cradling him too much. It hurts to see nice ladies like you being mistreated. I think that you will find someone who will respect you and your culture someday. Think long term. Think about the consequences. He's not the last person on this planet. You will find better!


P.S.- Sorry to hear about the pain!

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