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need advice from shy girls


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first off I know when a person is shy it's hard to tell sometimes anything if that person likes or doesnt like so and so.. my questions are to shy girls..


1. how do you act around a guy you like? list things that you would do

2. how would you act around a guy you just thought of as a friend and nothing more?

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I'm really shy. I feel more comfortable on the net, but I'm really shy in person. It's really frustrating sometimes. Especially when it comes to initiating conversations w/a guy that I like, so I can answer your post!


1. how do you act around a guy you like? list things that you would do

I'm really quiet around the guy that I like. When he tries to talk to me, I'll give really short answers, smile, and then look away. You can subconsciously see that I like him through my body language. For some reason, I'll start to smile and then tilt my head over, and kind of brush my hair. I don't know, but I catch myself doing this.


Other things that I would do is ignore him. I don't know, I just can't help it. There's this guy that I like in my Lab class, I think he likes me too b/c he tries to flirt and talk to me, but for some reason, I'm just too quiet around him. He'll say things to compliment me, and then I'll just smile and say something brief, and then not really add much to the conversation. I wish that I could talk to him more, but am too shy.


The only way for me to really open up, is when the guy is persistent and bold enough to ask for my number. Slowly, when I talk to them, I begin to open up, and then be myself. It usually takes a while though. Unless, if that guy and I click instantly, I'll completely be myself, and again, once in a while resort back to being shy. (I don't know. It's weird, I can't explain why I do this.)


2. how would you act around a guy you just thought of as a friend and nothing more?


Guys that I don't like, I'm usually not as shy around. I'll talk to them like business partners. Once in a while, I'll joke with them, but I feel more at ease, so I talk to them as if they're one of my girlfriends.


Guys who I see as a friend and nothing more, I'll be really spontaneous around them, especially, if we've known each other for a long time. I'll joke with them even more, and also be blunt about my opinions. I tend to be more sarcastic around them.

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1. how do you act around a guy you like? list things that you would do

I guess half of the time, girls are always trying to impress the guy they like, but im different. I try to be myself, make them see what i am truly like, and then maybe they will be interested.


2. how would you act around a guy you just thought of as a friend and nothing more?

Very comfortable, making rude jokes (lol) etc... just all the stuff you would usually do with someone who is ur friend.

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thanks all. well some of these you all have mentioned kinda sounds like this

girl that I like. I think she's on the shy side but I guess not that bad

anymore where she's outgoing with friends that sorta thing. with me she was

quiet..avoiding like at times just seemed nervous and uncomfortable. when

walking past each other she'd look the other direction or look down. if I said

something silly she wouldn't say much but would have a bashful grin. i've

caught her a couple of times in the past looking at me where she quickly turned

her head. if I do look at her and she's looking at me..she'd give me a serious


where with other guys in which I know she wouldn't have any interest in she

just acted herself with them..talking away and so on


(before she went off to college) I went ahead and told her how I felt just

because of these mixed signals or frustration wondering..well she didn't

totally blow me me off or anything for example only thinking of me as a friend

and nothing more..sorta thing..just said she didn't think she should start

something because of college which is understandable. nowadays I'll talk to her

online maybe once or twice per week. i'll start out by saying hi or what's

up..and she'll respond then say, you? when I ask her a question..she'll

respond right away and gives open answers for the most part. say if I mention

something about me she doesn't really give a respond but which is no big deal

or anything..maybe she doesn't know what to say,or just doesn't want to get

too close at the moment..but could this girl like me then?

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