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Why do guys think is sexy for girls to be "sexual"


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2 questions:


1) Why do guys think its hott when gurls are lesbian? Like, some guys want girls to kiss eachother even if there girlfriend is involved! Thats CRAZY, I personally could never have feelings or sexual contact with another girl? So why do guys think its so "sexy''?


2)What is blue balls?


**Please, answer dont just read it!!!** hehe

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I was asking myself this the other day, because it is a turn on to see to women together, (not that Id want my GF/Wife to be involved).


I didnt come to any solid conclusions, here are some things that ran past my head.


Seeing two women make love, is very sensual, its two women that are very horny, and know how to please each other. its very erotic.


These are women that are turned on by the same thing I am, so its easy to relate to them.


being in company of two women, also fullfils the fantasy many men have of being with two women at once (this could have ties to genetics and evolution, wanting to be the Alpha male). It would also be a physical challange.


Men are very visual, so just seeing two women gently touching each other in ways I would like to touch them, is very stimulating visually. after all, why wouldnt two hot women passionatly wanting to feel pleasure not be desired by a man?


now, getting to whether I would want to see my partner with another girl, that is a different story, because I believe in comittment, and dont think id go for that. I also believe it could have negative results in the relationship.

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There's a lack of threat to the male ego when two women are being intimate with each other. By this I mean that there's is no other guy involved who a woman is focussing on, so that sits well with us. So what's the difference then between seeing one women, or more that one? With more than one, it is visually obvious sexual acts are taking place. Sometimes the attraction between the women is obvious. That's more of a turn on. Other times the attraction is faked, and that's not as much fun to see. The enjoyment and feelings seem contagious somehow, in the same way watching somebody else yawn gets us doing it.


As for the other part, the term is used when a male is sexually turned on but has to abstain for a lengthy period of time. Pain can result. Not sure if they actually turn blue!!

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