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i love him so much...


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i have the greatest boyfriend in the entire world, i mean when he says he'll call he calls, hes so cute, he has hazel eyes, and blonde hair, and hes built but not enough to be grossed out. and hes the perfect size, so some people may be wondering why am i confused..? because i mena he has the best personality ever, and hes so funny, and cute, but he kinda has big ears. i mean not big ears but they liek stick out. but besides that everything is absolutly perfect. i feel bad for even thinkin about this, but sould i be this concerned? i mean there not that bad,a nd there nto big they just kinda stick out. u kno? please help me! is it wrong of em to think this?


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He sounds absolutely perfect just the way he is!


But then I've always been partial to big-eared perfect guys....


It's a mentality... if his ears stick out enough to make you feel he's unattractive to you-- then maybe it's more than just his big ears that bother you. Maybe you're really worried about what other people would say if they saw you and "Mr. Perfect-Big-Eared-Guy" walking together. Let's avoid diving into that shallow-end of the pool.


He sounds perfect, he treats you right, and it sounds like you guys have a great relationship. If you're truly attracted to him physically and personality-wise despite his big ears... then it's a match! He sounds like he treats you with utmost respect-- so do him a favor and treat him the same way.


If you just can't live with his big ears...you can honestly tell him 'It was you... not him.' If you're not attracted to someone, you're just not attracted to someone. That's the way it is. Try not to make his big ears a big issue though in the break-up... that can kind of thing can scar people for life.

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