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A question about shy girl's sexual behavior


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Depends - are you talking about with guys they do get involved with, or in a casual manner?


With guys they get involved with - no more or less likely than any girl once they're in a relationship, since getting together with someone is usually the biggest hurdle for shyness.


Casually - at least for me, a big never. I've had some friends with self-esteem issues who were more sexually active thinking it was the only way guys would like them, but that's a different thing altogether.

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Of course we do! It's not like we're different. However, we do pick and choose very carefully. We don't just sleep with just anyone. When we do, it's often rare. It takes us quite a while to warm up and talk to a guy, let alone, hold hands with one!


I think that a lot of wild and loud women do fall more into the 'easy' stereotype, and the shy ones don't.

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Ok there's a female that I KNOW likes me and acts very shy towards me(everyone else gets to see her normal self). What I want to know is while she seems really interested in me(doing all sorts of things to get my attention), is there a chance she's having casual sex with someone else? She hangs out with guys more than girls, but I heard she only goes out with them if she's really bored.

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It is the same for women and men, you need to talk to others to really realize what you want out of life. The problem with opening yourself up too much to others is that most people will betray your trust on some level occasionally.


She doesn't know you that well, that is why she "behaves" differently when she is with you. When you get to know her she will reveal herself on her own time line. You can't force the issue with this type of girl, she is reserved because she wishes to not be used.


That is the reason that she is shy, she wants to get to know you before she makes any big descisions about who you are and what you want.


The sex is most likely not going to be a problem once you get over her needs for a relationship.

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I am not sure why you think a shy girl would be more likely to cheat.


Is she shy around girls and not so much with guys? Is this the thing that worries you, she is more outgoing with male friends than with female friends, and since she has access to a lot of guys as friends, that makes you nervous that you'll have to compete with them?


Deep down the answer is yes, I mean dating someone is always a bit of a risk, but the high of having a really good relationship far outweighs the possiblility of being shot down or possibly having her become bored with you and cheat.


I still say go for it, you'll never know if you don't try!!

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