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Well you sound pretty disgusted with him right now. What better time to break up with him than now? Do you think waiting will just make it easier? Of course not! The problem will just get worse. Drop the nice girl attitude and let him know whos boss! If hes a bastard, than you be a bitch ! Just stand up and tell him! You can't be nice all the time. Especially whenever its affecting you in a negative way in situations like this. Don't wait, do it as soon as you can.



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looks like you already know the right decision to take. now, stop staring at the screen, stand up, and GO DO IT!


you said yourself, he doesnt deserve anything from you... he's hurting you. come on, you have reason to make him cry girl. i once got to hating my ex, but it was my problem because he never did me any harm. he was such an insecure nice guy loser that i just had to get rid of him, i couldnt stand him. but this guy... this guy is really looking for it.

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