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would you be able to be friends again?

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okay, i posted a couple days ago about my physco ex boyfriend. well he started going out with my "best friend" i was just wondering how you would feel about that? would you be able to be friends with her or him again if your ex went out with them? because personally i think it was pretty $h!tty of him and her, but thats just my opinion. how would you feel about it?

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if you play this out like nothing has happened it will bother both him and her both, if you show emotion, it will give the impression that your bothered by that, making it seem to him...that you still have feelings, if that is what you wanted..


in a nut shell if you are jealous about the fact that he is dating your Best friend,. and you don't want him to think that you still care, ignore him and her at all cost...if you want him back, than you should tell him. like i said in your first post. i think he is doing it too see how you much you care about him.

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Hmm... that's a tough one (aren't they all?)...


I am not clued up. How long since the breakup? Was your best friend friends with him as well, or did they just meet through you?

If the breakup was fairly recent, then that's a pretty rotten thing for a best friend to do. If it was some time ago however, and your ex was a friend of her's too (ie. didn't just meet through you) then I would probably be able to excuse it.


I can't really decide whether you should continue to be friends with the person though - that you'll have to do on your own.

But, if it were me, I can't see myself as being able to forgive my friend all too easily...


Ahh... S4il beat me too it... and with much better advice too, as usual

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I guess it really depends on how long you and your ex have been split up. Personally if they started going out right after you two split then I would stay away from both of them. Since my ex dumped me for my best friend I haven't spoken to him. And I probably never will.


If you haven't already talked to your best friend about it you should. Lay it out to her tell her how she hurt you ( if this is how you feel) and just let her know you disapprove of her actions. Don't argue or get in a fight though it won't be worth it. Just having a nice calm talk will show maturity and will leave her feeling guilty for what she has done. And we all know how hard it is to live with guilt and it will be something that she thinks about everytime she looks are your ex.


Just my 2 cents though

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I wouldnt even bother with both of them... I have never tolerated any people treating others badly. My question to think about would be... would you consider just people who do this your friend? Would you consider people in your life that di this your friends? Would you want them to be your friends?.


I got divorced from a guy who upped and did the same thing that you described. I have bacome a lot tougher about what I will tolerate, and this would not ber one of those things. Nevertheless we arent friends, or even aquatinances anymore. I have no respect for him...



I know what I say is pretty dtraight, but looking out over your self is important!


Good luck!



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