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23 surprises for a 23rd birthday...ideas?


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i read somewhere about giving 40 surprises for someone's 40th birthday and thought id do the same for my bf who's turning 23. Im a little stumped on ideas though and its in about 10 days!


i also dont know if i should give him the 23 surprises in one day? or turn it into like a little treasure hunt to do with him? or do something like in the movie "Elizabethtown" where she makes like a road trip package for him with music etc and routes all worked out with maps etc...or to just give one surprise each day after his bday. i really like the idea of him going on his little road trip type thing to find all these things but i dunno if he has time and all going to uni and working. id have to tell him i wanted a sunday the following weekend to do it...but then the novelty is kinda gone cos its no longer his bday. or i could do it the sunday before since his birthday is the following day on the mon.


ANYWAY...also gotta consider presents that he can have without me physically giving it to him etc... so here is what ive come up with so far...in no particular order...


1.personal compilation CD *

2.radio dedication *

3.webpage (a personal joke between us) *

4.sms him a sexy pic *

5.play some naughty games hehe #

6.dinner on me #

7.trip to the rialto towers (to see a view of the city) #

8.flowers # or *

9.custom candy/sweet # or *

10.happy birthday banner on a bridge *

11.engrave our initials in a tree and direct him/take him to it # or *

12.personalised keychain # or *

13.personalised tshirt # or *

14.coupons for various services # or *

15.letter in the mail with message in "invisible ink" *

16.origami chess set #


*= i can give him instruction to find them/dont have to be there

#= i have to be there with him for that event/item


the options with the * means i dont have to be there, can just give him instuctions which would be good for the whole giving a pressie each day for 23 days...or maybe i could do them randomly over 23 days so he doesnt EXPECT anything? then that way it could be worked around his work and uni?


anyway thanks for even reading this guys! any help is greatly appreciated!

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his fav candy bar?


cute idea btw!


thanks! ^_^ technically its not mine haha but im just changin it a little..

as for candy bar...that got me thinking...maybe buy those little hearts that say i love you, be mine etc...but thats more of a valentines day thing...


oh, you can get lollies custom made with messages on them! i think they are WAY expensive though...


oh just thought of something...hang a big banner from a bridge i know he'll pass saying happy birthday! YES! ^_^ ill add that to the list with the other ideas...

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Okay, you don't have to necessarily think of 23 things. Just do some of the 10 things more than once. For example, with regards to chocolate/candy you can have him hunt for the chocolate....perhaps 5 chocolates...remember..the Easter Bunny is right around the corner!


i considered that actually...like buy 23 flowers in a bouquet and give them to him. but i dunno how much he'd appreciate it. plus the 23 acts get lost in 23 flowers or your eg 5 chocs...


im looking at 23 unique and personal acts that show him how much i love him and how special he is, especially on his bday. thanks for the ideas so far though ^_^

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dam those examples look like they are going to get expensive. sure some of them are free or inexpensive. but a banner on a bridge and a radio spot (unless you know someone or get lucky with a dj), custom candy, etc. wow


the candy i dont think ill do, maybe a bday cake with some icing saying happy bday or something.


as for the banner...some cheap white crappy material...and i have heaps of paint so it shouldnt cost too much, other than time...might need to get cord though.


the radio..i meant a song dedication lol i know a station that does love song dedications and all that so i can just ring them then, tell him to listen from a certain time onwards...that should be ok


i was also thinking directing him to a park or somethin where he can find a certain tree with our initials engraved into it with a birthday message. That should be easy enough to do and free...and should mean alot to him


any other cheap effective unique ideas guys?

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