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"Contemplating" on calling first time?


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Ok, I'm again posting (not about that girl) but about something positive, last night i went out, meet this really cool girl *Star* yes that is her name...any ways we were talking in the club almost all night, she would occasionally disembark from a conversation, 'after nothing was talked about for a while' and come back and talk some more, i got her number (more on that later) i found out where she works, what she likes to do, music, TV, Movies, just your basic "questions" in conversation and so much more (too much to list) she told me herself "I'm sort of a Town boy" well i can agree on that, except i found out she does have her belly pierced..very "SEXY" to me, and i said that, i was complementing her every so often, her shirt, hair, her laugh, just pitching some obvious signs that i was liking her (personality) Style.


to my question, I was talking with her, and i said this....


ME: so your coming up next week Friday, or should i say Wednesday night (biggest (BAR) party night of the year)


HER: looked unsure in the face, shrugs her shoulders, and said i don't know...maybe


ME: well it's either Yes or No, Right>?


HER: yea i guess, why you ask...(laughing)


ME: "well i just find you to be an appealing person, someone with characteristics you don't normally find.


HER: "oh,....(pause) "well if that is what you think remember this (number).


Ok, i had NO PEN, NO PAPER...but it gets good...after she gave me the # i drilled it in my head ***-**** 15 min later she all of a sudden said "whats my number again" BAM! i threw it out in under 3 sec's, she was shocked i still remembered it. than she said "Ok whats me name" i said how could i forget a Star like yourself. Now after all this she said.


"well i will be expecting a call" and out in the parking lot i said "you'll be hearing from me" she smiled, gave her a hug, and now I'm sitting on a Phone number, wondering when too call? i normally wait 3-4 days, BUT people in here (girls) have said to call the next, or the Girl looses interest??? that is where I'm confused? Help...!!!

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Hey Sail,


Well it looks like she is looking forward to your call, so in this case I think you should call in the next day or two. I'm not a big fan of the whole playing hard to get game. Once its obvious there is interest on both sides, its time to get together and see if you two can make a connection.


Good luck!



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i can agree with you on that, Note she is a very Strong person she would say things like.


"oh I'm a bitch, you will hate me in the future"


"I make everyone hate me, that is why i don't have any friends"


So i think i hit a sensitive side with her, Oh' Forgot to say...she started talking to me at the bar, she said "you are always up here aren't you" that Immediately made me think about "well she has been keeping her eye on me" than she said "every time I'm here i see you" i laughed, and said yea every Friday-Saturday, she was very open with me, talking about scar stories, showing me them...wears sweet tarts chap stick , asked me if i wanted some...meaning a kiss. i laughed and said OK, she just said maybe later. than she asked, "if i wouldn't of starting talking to you, would you have started talking to me" i said "no, because your in the company of another guy" just a friend of hers. But i think I'm going to wait until......Tuesday, a good day to call, maybe in the afternoon, after she gets off work. Get her unexpectedly.

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