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Why wont you girls just tell us.


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Ok When I was in high school I was the shy quite guy, (oh wate I am still shy) well I was on collage campious in my home town. And I ran into alot of girls that I known in high school and all most all of them sead that they had a crush on me and wanted to date back in high school. Well if you can see I am confused like all ways. So why cant you girls just tell us shy guys that you like us. Is it really that hard?

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well thats a tough question cid. but did you every consider the fact that they may of been shy aswell? your shy, and you didnt confront them (from what i gather) so it might be the same story with them


also, im not a shy friend, im pretty out there once i know someone, but liking someone beyond friendship can make almost anyone a little held back. thos pesky questions start to hit you "what if they dont feel the same? what if he says no then spread horrible rumours? what if he laughs in my face, then everyone else joins in? what if he thinks its SUCH a silly idea and shoots me in the head?" , well that last one may sound exaggerated, but the mind always reaches that climax if pushed. then your likely to believe in even the ridiculous.


being a girl, this might be weird, but i have no idea why we do it. i guess it works both ways. it really depends on how confident the person is. anyone can seem confident around friends, so never take that as an accurate reading, its all about confidence in yourself. and lets face it, thats pretty rare these days. OR, another senario could be the whole girl perception of "the guy must always be the approacher"......a little out dated these days, but i still hear of it.


well thats my input. dont know if that answers your question, but might clear a few thoughts...



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Hey Cid


Materia Goddess has covered good aspects from a girls view already. I'm gonna turn the tables around a little bit...WHY didn't YOU do anything? They would've hinted to you, the signs would've been there, I think at the end of the day, you can blame those chicks a bit but perhpas most of the fault lies in you...coz only you can change your life, no one else can do it for you remember?


Some girls are really old fashioned and they think the guys should make the moves, I agree to a certain degree, at the end of the day a guy should ask the chick out but that chick should hint it a lot and plus, don't u chicks all think us guys are stupid? so more of a reason to already!


So once you've thought about all the reasons why u neva asked those chicks out...turn the tables on urself and imagine them being exactly like you, could that help wif your question as well?


Happy Heb

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materia_goddess is right.


When it comes to those "feelings beyond friendship" we're every bit as nervous and scared as guys about getting rejected, or getting the friends speech. And we don't want to lose the casual friendly chatting with someone or make things awkward either. You also gotta figure, in high school those feelings are relatively new, we're no more used to dealing with them than you guys are, it's scary putting it all out there knowing you can get hurt when someone might not feel the same way in return.


Even being flirty can be complicated - it's easy to goof off knowing it's just playing around... but it's a bit harder when you mean it deep down, and think, or know, the other person is just having a bit of fun and doesn't think anything of it, or of you beyond being a "fun girl to hang with."


Then you've got the "knowing if one of your girlfriends likes the same guy" thing. Where my guy friends have basically said most guys have the "all is fair in love and war, may the best man win" attitude, a lot of girls are VERY cautious about getting involved with a guy if they know a friend also likes him - often two close girl friends who like the same guy will actually BOTH go without, rather than screw up their friendship.


Lots of stuff in there, huh? Hey, it's life, and it's NEVER as easy as it should be in theory!!

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