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Flirting Question


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What would you think a girl would be trying to tell me when she's standing right next to me, smiles at me and laughs at what I say? I personally think she likes me but I was told by a friend "I couldn't handle her"..personally I think this is a load of B.S. and consider it just jealousy that she might like me..what do you guy's think?

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Thanks for the replies..I got one more dilema that hopefully you can help me with...please bare with me and away we go! This girl is in a volunteer group I'm in...well on Monday we're all going on a tour to this job site because it has to deal with the career field interests we have...well I've gotta drive and so does someone else well..I know she's gonna ride with me and so is another guy and he is in NO WAY competition...but here's the problem..he runs his mouth Constantly about anything and everything and I'm making him sit in the back so she can sit up front..Is there a way I can try to flirt with her where he won't pay attention to what we are doing cause I'm afraid he'll make some remark about her liking me and whatnot and I don't want to have to deal with the immaturity of a 20 year old when I'm 19 and don't I don't even act like he does..but any ideas other than eye contact and touching...keep in mind I'm driving!

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You need to see the movie As Good as It Gets... Jack Nicholson has to go on a road trip during part of the film, and he programs the whole thing on various burned CDs. My favorite is the one he pulls out - in slow motion of course - at the end of the trip entitled "For Emergencies Only."


There are lots of ways to flirt without talking. Eye contact is the best one, and your friend would never pick up on that, but hey we're driving here and not crashing is key. Music might be the next best thing... burn a bunch of CDs or make some mix tapes, each of which suits a different mood. For one disc, put on fun but flirty stuff like Van Morrison's Brown-Eyed Girl and maybe some Counting Crows. For another, toss on some anti-flirty top-40-ish stuff, in case your mouthy friend needs to cool down with something not-so-suggestive. And if you get to drive her home afterwards, without him in the car, you might want to put together a 3rd disc that hits home a little more squarely...


And no one says you *have* to flirt in the car, right? You can always gravitate toward her once you're at the job site, and the two of you can make it a little bit of a game to avoid the annoying one...


Best of luck,


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You know I just thought of something else...


I always got pretty lonely and kinda depressed when I was single, and my family was always real good about giving me the old "lots of fish in the sea" speech. But my dad's girlfriend was always the most helpful - she always told me to keep smiling. She said that a bright smile conveys confidence and is hugely flirtatious in itself...


And you know what? She was right! It worked!




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well just thought I'd let all of you know how my day went..Ironically my friend who talks was silent most of the time today..and so was the girl I like..we all rode together in the same car like I said..I drove and I made my motormouth friend sit in the back and let her sit up front with me. Well the drive down there was almost as the same as the one back..quiet..she said some stuff about school and whatnot and I made a few jokes and such that got her to laugh. We were on a tour of this job site place what have you and anyway through most of the tour she stood near me..a couple of times I could feel her shirt up against my arm..I had my arms crossed by the way..I certainly didn't mind at all and didn't make any attempt to stop it..but I didn't really do anything in response. On the drive home she said some stuff...and talked on her phone some..the only problem was she speaks real softly and I have a hearing impairment on the side she was on..I still made a desperate attempt to hear her..I barely could..so finally I turned and told her I've got a hearing loss and would she mind speaking up..I looked her right in the eyes and she stared right back at them as well..she didn't really seem to have a problem with it at least I hope..next time I talk to her I'm gonna make sure she knew I did hear her and was paying attention to her..I just can't tell anymore I don't know if it was shyness or what both of us were quiet and it took my motormouth friend to sort of break the ice but it still stayed solid so to speak..So what do you guy's think I should do..personally I'm gonna wait it out and eventually build up the guts to ask her out..I did ask her though if she had class all this week and she said yes..when I told her I was getting a new job she did ask questions about what I would be doing and such..Any help here will do..I appreciate it as always..Thanks

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