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the new guy is so shy!

X ShadowDreamz X

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Hey everybody! Ok, there is this new guy in my homeroom class. He is actually really cute and kinda shy, and he doesn't really have that many friends yet. I just got out of a really bad relationship and I have had my eye on this new guy for a while now. I've seen him looking at me a few times and I sometimes look back at him. I don't know how exactly to start conversation with him. I want to go out with him because he seems really nice. I want to get to know him first, but after I do that, how do I hint that I want him to ask me out?

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The Approach


Do this, walk up too him and say...


"you like school here so far?" it's a question and it will get a response, than introduce your self like this.


"oh by the way, I'm (your name), and you are"


he will say his name, than start it from there (communication)


really it's just a conversation you can't be to PREPARED for what is going to take place, it just happens normally and without planned actions.


P.s. why did you post this under child abuse...??? lol

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