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My head is so mixed up or maybe im picking the wrong signals

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Me and my bestfriend are close, but i've only known her for 9 weeks. Her bf will be working that day and with us it will be a half day which her mother will pick her and me up from college back to her house. I mean im 19 and shes 16 i care 4 her alot her mother doesnt seem to mind me hanging out with her and when she introduced me to her mother she told to just call her 'mum' she didnt even give me her mothers name. I've said this in a previous post but i dont know whether or not if shes gonna break up with her bf but she hasnt said anything 2 me.


Im sorta gettin confused with whats happening. We spend all our time in college 2 gether and if i had the chance to go out with her i would but i dont want to destroy our friendship. Why does everything in life hav to be so complicated!


We hav had problems (with another mate) in college and we hav got through it 2gether by comforting each other.


My head is so mixed up, or maybe im picking the wrong signals about the whole thing i wish i had the answer.


Any comments, suggestions or tips would be greatful.




- whitefang

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loool maybe u are reading the signals, or maybe your just over analysing things. she seems to be happy being around u but maybe its just as a best or close friend. she has a boyfriend, so theres not much u can do unless u want to give a bad impression of yourself.


stay friends with her, and if she has any feelings for you, and/or if u do get some really big hints, then u should act on them. in the mean time just stay the way u are because it seems to be working . oh and dont think or try too much, the best things happen when u least expect them. so if anything is being felt between you two, then it will happen for sure.


good luck

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Why not try a little acid test? Go out and make another female friend, no intention of dating her or anything... Then see how your best friend reacts. Hell, doesn't even have to be a real person, but keep in mind that you may have to own up to lying to her at some point in the future.


If she starts to show signs of jealousy, that should be an indicator to you. If she seems really happy for you, maybe she's been hoping you'd meet someone all this time...




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