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Drinking - honesty or just lack of judgement?

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Hey - this is something that's come up on occasion with my friends, and I figured I'd see how everyone here reacts.


When you're buzzed or drunk, do you tend to be more honest because of the lack of inhibitions, or is it more a case of speaking and acting on impulse, and regretting it the next day?


I know myself, I tend to say things good judgement would normally stop me from voicing, and I go into "free thinking" mode, where things that might not add up to the same thing sober do when I'm buzzed - but at the base of it, there is something that causes those things to be expressed. (sorry if that's clear as mud there...)


One friend I have in particular says things (and the same things) drunk that are outright denied sober, so I'm curious how other people react under the influence of alchol. It's not a huge deal - but I am wondering just WHICH of the two extremes is likely to be BS since they're pretty much at odds!

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With me, there's a definate lowering of my inhibitions. I feel more comfortable talking about things. If I start talking obout personal matters, it's not really a matter of trust, more a temporary release from the thought of what the consequences of telling somebody something might be.


I find after having a drink or two I'm far more apt to have a pleasant conversation with somebody as I become a little less self conscious. That puts me at ease, and I feel much more relaxed in general.


If I keep drinking and have too much, then I start to feel self conscious again, I don't really like the thought of being drunk, so I tend to start keeping to myself again in the hopes nobody will notice.


I can't ever remember a situation where I reportedly said something while intoxicated, but denied it later. I can't ever remember getting very angry while drinking. I guess I'd have to say I'm a happy drunk rather than an angry one.

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id say that being drunk or on a buzz makes you tell the truth, its like a truth potion.


i know when im on a buzz that id say things which i wouldnt usually say to people, because when im in a large group of people i dont usually say certain things but when im on a buzz i dont really mind saying them,


a while ago we had a party at one of my friends houses and my sister like this guy i had been talking to and started to get to know, she didnt want to tell me but she ended up getting totally out of her head and told me and him, so thats why i think that it makes you tell the truth.


hope this helps

~LJ =;

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yeah im that sister, and to say i tell her everything, i deffinitley tell the truth even more when drunk. me and that lad got together and im sorry about that LJ, you know i talked it through with you, and you didnt like him *thinks of nick*


anyway i would have to say that i am deffinitley honest, and no i dont regret it in the morning, usually i can control to a degree what i am saying, but what i do say to date has not been a lie.


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i wish i was drunk all the time! not because of the fun, but becuase i definetly open up a bit more, and i somehow just lose any insecurity or doubts i have in me. i can still control myself- like Ash said i never offend anyone or get angry, and i become (apperently) alot more attractive. unforunatly i know the addiction problems and all, so i just try and keep it under control.

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