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I am writing here because of my ex. Its been more then 3 months since our relationship ended and i can't seem to stop thinking about her at all that happenend between us. Our break up was really a bad one. Even after 3 months i keep on thinking about her everyday. I don't know why but she is the first thing on my mind when i wake up. I tried to move on with someone else but i cant because every girl i look at reminds me of her. I want to tell her all this but my heart tells me that she won't really care. I really don't what to do about this so plz if anyone has advise help me.

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hi prince_ail

the best thing to do is ask her how she feels about the break-up, then you tell her how you feel. it'll make things so much easier for both of you

and if every girl you date reminds you of her then why don't you try dating guys (just joking around) hehe


hope i helped



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It is hard to get over someone that you have really cared about. I have gone throught the same thing. I still miss her but I just move on. Now I really love someone else and still she is still on the back of my mind. Some things we just have to live with.

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Breakups are hard but hey, be grateful that you got to be with her and ok she just didn't think it was working, you kinda have to respect her decision there bud. Everyone's got the right idea tho, you need some closure for sure, contact her wether that be phone or a meeting (better ideas) tell her are you've been and she what happens from there.


She's most likely moved on but somehow if she's nice enough, she too will help you move on, people like us really can't, it's the people who are closer who can really help you.


It's true though you do need to move on, and at least you know that and are trying. Just remember it's not the end of the world, and if you stepped back from it all, life is still good


Happy heb

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Thx guyz you helped me alot but i am not going to ask her to how see feels because i already know how she does. I am really tryin hard to get over her but its difficult when you have been with a person for 3 years/first love & got a tattoo of there name on your arm. But i am still goin to try even though i will alwayz love her and she will alwayz be in the back on my mind. THX EVERYONE

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