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IMPORTANT Please help me!!!


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I really like this girl. I asked to her to homecoming and she said yes. I think she still likes me but i do not have the guts to talk to her because i am so shy. Every time i see her in school all i can say is hi. If i try to talk to her i get really nervous. I called her a couple of times and even ate lunch with her a couple of times. I wanted to ask her out but i am grounded for another two weeks. Do you have any suggestions that you can give that will help me get over my shyness? Or maybe even a couple of ideas on how i can show her i really like her?

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Yea just do something small first to find out how she feels about you. How to get over your shyness that is harder then you think I am 20 and I am still shy it takes time and alot of work for you. Just think you can do it and you will. Well I hope that this helps.

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