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I have been seeing a CP for 16months now. I didn't realize he was a CP until I was way in over my head. He breaks up with me comes back, breaks up etc etc etc. Even when we are not together he text messages me or chats online. He has told me he can't stand though of me going out with someone else, and that he has no interest in seeing any other girl. He says it is definitely not me that he can't commit to, that he has this problem. He believes love never works out, he comes form a broken home. He also has this obsession and addiction with me where he ewill text me for 6 to 10 hours. A lot of times he is after phone sex when he only lives 10 minutes away. As time has gone by I think he has become more and more scared of seeing me but he can't let go. I have been totally crushed, I too am obsessed with him and addicted. I can't seem to move forward and get out of this. I have told him things can never work unless he wants to be with me and that he needs to sort that himself. I've lost my soul and who I am. I don't know who I am anymore. I never used to be like this. I'm unemployed at the moment and suffer from terrible anxiety and can't leave my house and i think a lot of it is due to how crushed I feel. I love him and I know he loves me. I know there are no guarantess but what steps can I take to get back on my feet and be the strong fighting woman I used to be? And what tactics can someone recommend to try and sort this out with him positevely. I love him. I know he won't change but I believe at some point a CP can get cured if he chooses too so in them enatime what can I do to not make it worse and to maybe make him snap out of it if you know what I mena. I really need help. I am sinking and sinking and can't get up. Please some postive advice not just dump him. thanks

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