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Ive liked this girl since the first time I saw her, and about a year ago I actually got the nerve to talk to her, but with my personality, anything I say to her she wont really take serious, because I am always messing around with her, But then again she knows I like her and so does every other person that knows who I am. When we are at parties and drinking, she is always on me and making it seem that she likes me, but its not like that when were everywhere else and not drinking. I cant really judge myself on appearance, but I know a lot of girls want me, but shes the only one that I want, She is a girl that can get almost any guy that she wants. And in my opinion the best looking girl in school, so I think to myself, why would she want a guy like me, when she can have that guy? I am just way to scared to tell her myself how much I like her, she says she doesnt like relationships, but neither do I, but I would want one with her. I dont know if I should try something else, or if she even likes me at all. People say that we really need to get together, but there are so many other guys that like her, and she flirts with a lot of other guys too. I have so many other things in my head about the situation, but I think this is long enough. Any advise will help, really anything.

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