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my boyfriend and i have been in a long distance relationship for 3 months now, were both in college.. we both feel soo strongly for one another and we both have said that we can see ourselves spending our lives with one another. he graduating soon, and just got offered a job thats almost as equally far away as he is now. lately i noticed him talking to me a little differently, just not being so sweet. and just a few days ago he called me and said that he didnt think he could be with me anymore, he kept saying that night that 'were both too young for this' but he still loves me, and i did nothing wrong, and that maybe in the future we can get back together... the next night the story changed from that, into 'im very stressed right now, and this is just too much for me to handle.. whenever i get settled in, i'll take another look at this and we can try.' he is coming home for thanksgiving and christmas breaks.. so i'll be seeing him a lot soon, so after that, we kinda agreed on still being together, but just not as serious. well, last night was our anniversary, and he didnt talk to me at all... like i was afraid to call him because i know that if he needs some space and he's stressed, i dont want to be annoying and keep bothering him.. but he was online with an away message up, so i sent him one saying that i'd like to talk to him.. he never came back online that night, and that hurt me pretty bad.. he sent me an email though the next morning saying he was sorry that he got caught up with stuff and forgot the day.. i still love him so much, and the way he is acting doesnt seem normal for him, but i dont understand why he is doing this, i understand that he is busy, and stressed out, and thats ok. but if he really loves me, why is he putting me through all of this?

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This may be the root of his problem:

he graduating soon, and just got offered a job thats almost as equally far away as he is now.


Most likely that he does not think the relationship ought to continue as a long distance relationship. But circumstances seem to dictate this, since he got a job so far from where you are and there is no saying where you will get a job. He does not know if what you have is strong enough or worth all the sacrifices that will be involved.


Try to understand. I am so sure that if he was to get a job in the same city as you he would automaticaly change his decision.

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