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Do girls think about the other person??

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This is a question for the girls. When girls break up with someone (when they use the line "I don't know where im at in life", etc.) do they think about the other person at all or do they forget easily and just start seeing other people? Do they take some time to think or do they get right back on the horse? Any one have any comments?

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I got back together with my girlfriend. We had broke up for the entire summer. So I hardly saw her at all. I never called her, and she never called me. I talked to her online sometimes, but rarely. Now that we're back together we've been dicussing the issue a lot. She said that she often thought that I acted like I was better off, and "fine and dandy" without her. However, the whole time I would be just a mess. She said that she felt exactly the same way. So it's true, if the ex believes that he or she made a mistake, even slightly, they'll think about you a lot. Regardless, they usaully think about you a lot. Afterall, they've been learning about you for a long time, associate a lot of things you've shown them to you.

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You're probably right Blah, my ex gf and i were together for 5 yrs there is no way she could not think about it. Thing is though I have to see her everyday in school and sit next to her in a few classes, so its not like a walk away thing for me. It hurts bad but I try to keep it hidden because she say she is happy, but happiness is just a state of mind after all.

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Stiker, it really depends on the girl. Some definitely think about the other person, esp. if it was a good relationship. Others try to put things in past and focus on the future.


I don't know how "healthy" it is to move on fast to the next person, but some people do that as a way to cope. They think "just be happy" -- but the problem with that is, they never learn about what went wrong or how to improve for the future. So the same problems will come up again for them.


Funny thing is, my girl friends and I have always thought *guys* were the ones who got back on the horse fast.

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i actually just read that men take a break up a lot harder than women. When a girl breaks up with a guy, his confidence is low and he's less likely to approach girls for fear of rejection. On the other hand, women can go to the bar and get laid when they feel like it. Kind of strange.

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in some relationships your both in it for a luagh, and when they end i think theres only the good to think about but i still think before i get into the next relationship, about how i would feel and what i wanted.

and for those who meant everything to me, i never really just striaght into the next one, half of the time i would be considering if i did the right thing, and usually its no.

each time its completely different, everyone is unique to how they are with you and it reflects on how you feel after.


hope this helps.


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