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Can someone Truley love 2 people at the same time?


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I imagine that a person could possibly love any number of people at the same time. BUT - I also know that there are many different kinds of love (such as love for a child, love for a friend, love for a spouse, etc...). My thought is that your wife didn't love you in the way a wife should love her husband, otherwise she would never have gotten involved with another man.


One other thought... I really don't think that anyone can really love 2 or more people in the exact same way. Each person is a unique individual and thereforeeee any love that we may have for a person would be as unique as they are. For example - I have 2 sons. I love each of them, but because they are 2 separate individuals, I do not love them in the exact same way. It's hard to explain. I hope you understand what I'm saying.


Just my humble opinion.



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it depends on how that person defines 'love' and what it means to them.

if 'love' was to be an entirity, a belonging of two people that filled what they were missing, brought two pieces together to make one. an understanding of their emotions, that person, their 'love'

then i would think that person can only truly love onoe person.

however, from a different angle, each and every person is different, amking the perspective of that relationship differnet in the meaning of 'love'.


only when you can say from your heart, not changing you mind you know the meaning or feeling or own thought on 'love' could you truly be able to say you love more than one person.



but on a personal note, love is too strong of a feeling for me to be able tyo love more than one person at once.


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