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how important is the cervix during sex?

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my girlfriend told me about this ex boyfriend she had that had a long penis that stimulated her cervix during sex,now im am not that long but i do feel it sometimes but it is not enough i think because she does not seem to enjoy it that much as she talked about her ex doing it doggy style,so i was wondering how important is it for the ladies

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what is the cervix, try finding the G-spot or the Clitoris instead they can produce stronger feeling, and it doesn't involve using your penis...here since your new click these links below they offer some VERY information insight to "getting her to orgasm" or close to it any ways.

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My understanding is that the cervix not at all important in that way, but is rather an issue the other way. Somebody who is too long can cause pain if pressing against the cervix. Most of the nerve endings, which are what result in pleasure when stimulated, are in the first few inches of her vagina.


Is your girlfriend sure this is what was happening? Either way, don't worry about it. Just because she may have felt that doesn't mean it was actually adding to the sensations for her.


Other than this, check up on what S4il is writing about. Technique is everything too. Straight up, normal sex gets a little usual after a while, you need some variety to keep it interesting and fun.

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Ash is right - if it's a pleasing feeling, odds are it wasn't the cervix getting much pressure cause that's PAINFUL. With the odd curves and such inside a woman's body, she may have been getting some gspot pressure.


(guys, this is why bigger is NOT better, ok? It's not pain you want us screaming in, alright?)

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touching it isn't a problem, but err, excuse the crudity, ramming up against it HURTS. it's actually more like a cork in a bottle with a narrow opening leading to the womb, and it lowers or raises at varying times of the month - some positions (such as "doggie style") allow for deeper penetration, and especially if it's lower, it can get bumped rather hard, and gives a "bruised" feeling when it does.

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My understanding is the majority of nerves are in the bottom third of the vaginal tract, and the clitoris has even more than that, G-spot is in the bottom third too.


So the cervix isn't that important, imho.


There is alot of other things to work on than bothering with trying to reach that. Perhaps the ladies find when that happens they like the alternate feelings they get from that, maybe a "fullness" feeling. (I wouldn't know)

And as others have said, there are positions to try (i.e. from behind with the lady on top, legs over the shoulders possibly) or toys that could do it as well if it is a big deal.


But if I can find an analogy for the guys, it's probably like your jewels getting knocked around: a little bit is ok, even pleasurable, but too hard or too much hurts.

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