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Someone please help! I am dying inside!

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Well, thank you for reading this. I would appreciate any help that I can get, because I don't feel just one emotion. I feel all emotions. Here is my story.

My fiancee and I broke up about a month back, and I thought that my life was over. He is my best friend, and my lover, and my everything. Well, just when I had figured out how to just have an empty existence, he came back, crying, saying that he had made a mistake and he wanted me back. So, I said ok come home. When I told him this he cried harder and said that he had made a mistake, and he had slept with a girl from work. I said that it was ok. I forgave, and I forgot. He said that he couldn't end it right away because he was her boss, and she was vindictive. Well, he still hasn't ended it, and recently he has been spending the night over there, when he has been living here with me. He comes home every day and says that he loves me, and I know that he does, but I feel like I am being left out of whatever is going on. I am not going to leave him, and I know that. I just have to figure out how not to drown in this empty bed, and how to get him to remember that I love him, without making him feel pressured.


If anyone has any advice it would be muchly appreciated. I just want to die sometimes, because I can't bear the thought of losing my best friend, and my partner. How can I make him come home, and help him to ditch her?

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first off does the other woman know about you?


secondly if i were you i would either get rid of him (only as a partner) and keep him as a friend because im sure that you will find someone who will love you as much as you love them and wont even think of being with someone else no matter how vindictive they are!


id like to know one thing and that is why did you let him keep seeing her, how could you forgive and forget what he had done?


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Well, my only response to your question, is yet another question. How can I expect unconditional love from him, if I don't give it in return? When he told me about her, he said that he only slept with her once, and I believe him. I forgave him because I believe in our dreams as a couple and I believe in him. I believe in true love, and I believe that if there is something that you want, you should fight for it. What can I say, I guess I am kind of a soldier for love!

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i still think that he should give you as much love as you deserve, and i think you should fight for what you deserve but only if it deserves you.


i think that if you can forgive and forget then maybe you should be together, but only if he gets rid of the other women soon, because you dont deserve being one of two women that he has. he seems to be the only one who is gaining something positive from it. whereas you get all the pain from all of this


~LJ =;

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I have to say that you are being treated like a fool and you should dump this loser. He has everything he could ever want you and a mistress. Damn wanna come here and be with me(only kidding)? Don't be so coy and use your head not your heart. You tell me that he stays at this persons house overnight and you think nothing is happening.


WAKE UP and use the spine that god gave you. Comon you don't need this jerk and he is playing you as a fool.


You want my advise then tell him to go and NEVER EVER LOOK BACK. You deserve better than this jerk. I don't understand why women like you stay while this ass*ole treats you like dirt. I can't seem to find anyone that will want me as their friend and lover.

This loser doesn't deserver a woman like you. Get him out of you life now.


I have to be honest here because men like this piss me off to no avail. Because they give all men a bad wrap.



You not only will be better off but, maybe you will find someone who can return the unconditional love back.


Be Strong,


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I can not believe you are allowing your so-called "fiancee "to sleep with other woman? ..this is not unconditional love you said, this is your foolish plus blindness, unless you are fooliing arounf with other men as well? So you allow him to do that?


No offend! Your BF is stepping on 2 boats. His heart is part somewhere else, He cetailnly tell the girl in his office the same thing that he loves her, he wants to enjoy both. Well, if yu want to share a man with anoter woman, that is your choice .I can be the judge. Take care.


This man is apparently a jerk!

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Here's my only advice...I had the same situation happen to me a year ago when my fiance called off the wedding. She came back a month later and we began to build a new relationship--- until I found out on my own that she had slept with someone else (the reason for calling off the wedding). I forgave her...unconditional love...however, despite a whole year of helping her through the worst times...and helping her to rebuild her confidence and love herself, she wants to be on her own...but not really... Within this past week, I found her post an ad on the on-line personal ads. My advice, these people will never be happy with the love of one person. Move on.

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